Educate Candidates about Disability Policy

Aug 28, 2020

A big election is coming up on November 3rd and we want all candidates for public office to know about disability issues. Now is the time to educate candidates!

Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Organizations has a new, handy resource you can provide to your candidates. The document called Issues that Impact People with Disabilities in Wisconsin can be found here: It describes the funding sources, challenges and impacts of programs and services intended to improve the lives of Wisconsinites with disabilities.

On November 3rd, every Wisconsin voter will have the opportunity to cast a vote for candidates to serve as their Congressional Representative and State Assembly Representative. Voters living in “even numbered" districts will vote for their State Senator.

What You Can Do

We need you to share this new resource with candidates running for office in your community.

1. Find out who is running for office in your area.

• VOTE411 -

• Ballotpedia -

• WisconsinVote -

2. These websites provide information about your candidates. Find the link to each candidate's website and make sure you know how to contact that candidate.

3. Decide how you will share the Survival Background paper with your candidates. Can you email the link? Post the link to his or her social media page? Make a phone call to talk with someone?

4. Here is a suggested message that you can put in your own words and share.

I am a voter in your community and will be voting on November 3rd. I want to share with you this new resource from Survival Coalition of Disability Organizations: Issues that Impact People with Disabilities in Wisconsin: Background Papers.

Many Wisconsinites have a disability so this paper will help you learn more about important programs and services. This is important to me because (add your own story). I would like to talk with you about the disability issues that are important to me as a voter. You can reach me at ________

Sign with your name and home address so they know you are a voter.

5. Another way to get to know candidates is to ask questions about disability related issues. You can find sample questions on the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition website at: Key Questions for Candidates

Use these candidates to educate the candidates

• Post questions to a candidate's social media pages.

• Ask a question at a candidate forum or town hall.

• Invite a candidate to your organization's meeting.

• Email the candidate to share the questions.

Many candidate forums are taking place virtually due to COVID-19. To find out when candidate forums are taking place, check the candidates websites and social media. Forums may also be listed on