About Us - Meet Our Staff

Executive Director

Sue Premo
Phone: (920) 393-1045
Email: suep@optionsil.org

Director of Independent Living Services

Sandy Popp
Phone: (920) 393-1043
Email: sandyp@optionsil.org

Housing Services Manager

Steve LaFrombois
Phone: (920) 393-1044
Email: stevel@optionsil.org

Residential assessments & HOME Program... More


Peggy Maas
Phone: (920) 393-1042
Email: peggym@optionsil.org

Accountant More

Annette Nitke
Phone: (920) 393-1048
Email: annetten@optionsil.org

Billing Specialist - Personal Care Services More

Independent Living Coordinator

LeAnne Loveless
Phone: Voice - (920) 393-1047 Videophone - (920) 328-9867
Email: leannel@optionsil.org

Providing Independent Living Services for... More

Stacie Scheibe
Phone: (920) 393-1050
Email: stacies@optionsil.org

Providing Independent Living services for... More

Alyson Windle
Phone: (920) 882-9309
Email: alysonw@optionsil.org

Calumet, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Marquette,... More

Benefits Specialist

Karin Zuleger
Phone: (920) 393-1039
Email: karinz@optionsil.org

Benefits Specialist Services - all counties More

Assistive Technology Specialist

Calvin Richtig
Phone: (920) 393-1037
Email: calvinr@optionsil.org

Assistive Technology Services & 504... More

Accessibility Assessment Specialist

Sarah Dunks
Phone: (920) 393-1034
Email: sarahd@optionsil.org

Residential Accessibility Assessments - all... More

Marie Smith
Phone: (920) 393-1046
Email: maries@optionsil.org

Residential Accessibility Assessments - all... More

Personal Care Services

Carol Hall
Phone: (920) 393-1032
Email: carolh@optionsil.org

Personal Care Services RN – all counties More

Valerie Tschampl
Phone: (920) 393-1036
Email: valeries@optionsil.org

RN Supervisor for Options MA Personal Care... More

Advocacy Coordinator

Stephanie Birmingham
Phone: (920) 495-9688
Email: stephanieb@optionsil.org

Advocacy Coordinator for the Green Bay Office More

John Meissner
Phone: (920) 997-9999
Email: johnm@optionsil.org

Advocacy Coordination for the Fox Valley Office More

Certified Peer Specialist

Dave Zanon
Phone: (920) 609-9467
Email: davidz@optionsil.org

Administrative Assistant

Missie Olm
Phone: (920) 393-1052
Email: missieo@optionsil.org


Barb Guyes
Phone: (920) 490-0500
Email: barbg@optionsil.org

Secretary More

Facilities Maintenance

Paul Preston
Phone: (920) 490-0500
Email: paulp@optionsil.org

Facilities Manager More