At Options we assist people with all disabilities and those who are older to be more independent in their home or work environment. We encourage you to tour our one-of-a-kind facility. Discover a unique blend of accessibility, adaptive equipment and technology is designed to showcase state-of-the-art accessibility in both residential and business environments. It is designed to give people with disabilities and others interested in accessibility a first-hand view of technology to promote independence.  

Accessible Garden

Assistive Technology Room


Our bathroom showcase includes features such as:

  • Adjustable lavatory with vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Adjustable grab bars with vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Knock down roll-in shower
  • Accessible plumbing fixtures


Our bedroom showcase includes features such as:

  • Ceiling mounted electric lift with power jack
  • Bed vibrator to warn if doorbell or smoke alarm rings
  • Knock light to model bathroom
  • Walk-in closet with accessible shelving system
  • Environmental control unites – both high and low tech


Our kitchen showcase includes features such as:

  • Undercut sink, cooktop and counter
  • Cooktop with front controls
  • Power adjustable cabinet
  • Power adjustable snack bar
  • Talking microwave oven
  • Warning lights for range hood